Kip Barry is one of the world’s Most Unique Entertainer.

He combines songs, vocal impersonations, comedy and magic in a way never before performed.
the Amazing Magician and Performer Kip Barry

Kip Barry is a singer, comedian, vocal impersonator, as well as an award winning magician. He is a graduate of the prestigious Chavez College of Magic, the world's only accredited magic college.

His talents have taken him to 70 countries, over 10 cruise lines, and has made more than 100 television appearances. He is also one of Las Vegas's most unique acts.

the Amazing Magician and Performer Kip Barry

Kip designed the cabaret, gallery and magic cafe with the purpose of giving back to the community a one of a kind interactive venue to be enjoyed by all, and to share the gifts of magic and live variety theater.

"May all that pass through our doors be incredibly inspired, have an unforgettable experience, and be entertaining beyond their expectations!"