Welcome to World Famous Kip Barry's Cabaret, magic show and entertainment every day

Voted Anaheim's Best Magical Gift Shop, Birthday Place and Coffee Cafe!

Hours Of Operation

  • Monday: 12 – 8 PM
  • Tuesday: 12 – 8 PM
  • Wednesday: 12 – 8 PM
  • Thursday: 12 – 9 PM
  • Friday: 12 – 9 PM
  • Saturday: 12 – 9 PM
  • Sunday: 12 – 8 PM
Fun Magic Show for the whole family with Kip Barry and other talented Magicians

We have been described as an Oasis of Wonderment and FUN

A place where you will Laugh and Learn and create Memories big enough to last a Lifetime.

You may decide to Buy a Magic Trick or two or

Book a Unique Show for your upcoming Group Event or Birthday Party

Kip Barry features endless amazing magic tricks that are easy to perform
At Kip's you can find gags and jokes to parank your friends and family

You may be looking for the most unusual Gag, Gift or Novelty

for that person who is impossible to shop for.

You May be here for one of our AWARD WINNING DINNER SHOWS or even a delicious coffee, Magic trick or HILLARIOUS GAG....
But one things for SURE...

MAGIC ALWAYS HAPPENS at Kip Barry’s Cabaret!

Kip Barry's Cabaret is your destination for Fun, Magic and Magic Shows

Shows and Entertainment for everyone

Magic never stops at Kip Barry's Cabaret, we have a show or event almost every day!

Saturday Magic Show at Kip Barry 's Cabaret

The Show

Southern California’s #1 Variety and Magic Show!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Night starting at 7 PM
Sunday at 2 PM

Preceded by our HILLARIOUS Pre-Show, the Cabaret is a modern day vaudeville variety experience extraordinaire!! Starring the Talented One Man Variety Show Kip Barry and the Best Guest Performers from all over the Country.

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Magic Dinner at Kip Barry 's Cabaret

Birthday Party at the Cabaret

Ahaheim best and most magical BIRTHDAY PLACE TO BE!

Your party time, pre show, back stage passes, party flavor, magic wand kits and Kip Cash towards MAGIC are all included ABSOLUTELY FREE you just pay for The Show TICKET and Pizza Buffett and EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED!

Pizza buffet comes with salad, side, drink & dessert cookie

Call Now (714) 206-1390
Magic Dinner at Kip Barry 's Cabaret

Dinner Theater

the Magic you can taste!

Enjoy a deliceous Dinner on Show Nights (Thu, Fri, Sat) or join us for a fantastic Sunday Brunch

Pizza Buffet with a side of chips or popcorn, 12 oz Soft drink or bottled water and a Gourmet Cookie for only $12.95

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Kip Barry 's Cabaret offers every veteran a discount

Military Discount

Thank you to all our Military veterans and troops for YOUR SERVICE and OUR FREEDOM!!
Kip Barry 's Cabaret offers every veteran a discount

Teacher appreciation!

We believe that there would be no profession, career or future without teachers! It all starts with YOU, so the LEAST WE CAN DO is give you a discount to tell you THANK YOU!
Kip's is the second happiest place on Earth, come and experience the Magic
Kip Barry's Cabaret
Kip's is the second happiest place on Earth, come and experience the Magic

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Our Reviews:
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    My husband and I went to Disneyland for our honeymoon... One day we decided to explore Anaheim and so we hit the Anaheim GardenWalk Mall. We stumbled upon this cute magic shop. We spoke with one of the magicians Ken and he showed and taught us some magic tricks. We also learned more about the place. He was very entertaining and fun. He told us about their performances they have in the shop. We ended up seeing it on a Thursday night and worked it into our schedule (we flew back home the next day on Friday) because we were so fascinated and we love to support the arts. Kip the owner and Ken did an amazing performance that was not only mesmerizing but funny too. Kip even sang and did impersonations too. He's extremely talented and we really did get our money's worth. We just thought we were seeing a magic show, but we really got a lot more than that! It was us and another couple and their son that night which was a lot smaller than their usual crowd but it actually made it more fun and more personal because Kip was having so much fun with us he did some new and special tricks since we were such a great crowd. The couple next to us came all the way from Australia and they see magic shows all the time. The guy was so impressed by the show because usually he said the magicians are far away and not up close and personal in this black box atmosphere. He was amazed about the detail, quality, and expertise these two musicians had, as were we. What I really liked about this place is that they are really open about teaching you these magic tricks so you can learn how to do them and show your friends and family. And on top of that they are so simple and easy, people will think you are like Houdini, it's awesome! Since we went to the show we got $5 Kip bucks to use towards a magic kit. We ended up getting the disappearing coloring book, card trick, and Kip threw in the wand for us. It was super cool and the prices were reasonable! It's definitely worth the experience and I would definitely go back! Superb customer service and a fun time! I highly recommend!
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    What a FUN evening! I bought tix for the dinner show for my family to celebrate my 11 year old's birthday and we had a great time! We got there for the dinner...simple pizza and salad buffet was very yummy and the service was AMAZING! The pre-show videos were entertaining but the magic/variety show was GREAT! Kip is a great entertainer who kept up the laughter and the energy. His magic is amazing and he really knows how to engage his audience and get audience participation. He made my daughter feel special on her birthday and involved the whole audience. His guest magicien Alexx (with 2 "x"s) was fabulous. His card tricks and slight of hand were mesmerizing and he has a wonderful stage presence. After the show we were invited back stage and then we got to see a few tricks up close. Kip and Alexx showed my kids how to do a couple of tricks which was another highlight! The retail space is a magic mecca with all kinds of tricks, props, gifts, candy and other interesting items. I purchased a starter magic kit for my daughter and Kip gifted her a magic wand for her birthday! All in all it was a great evening. Would highly recommend the 7:30 show for a fun family night...or even for date night.
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Last night was my first time here with my 3 year old daughter for an event that my good friend threw for a special play date with all the close families. My husband, daughter and I had the best time! It was a first time we attended a magic show and I have to say it was very entertaining. The staff was amazing, friendly and attentive. Kip has an amazing voice, and I can tell he really enjoys what he does. SUPERB JOB!! I can see in all the other families faces how much they enjoyed it as well! I would definitely recommend this place to any of my friends. thank you for a fun first experience :)
  • OMGEEEE!!!!! THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!! You Have Got To See This Show! Took My Mother For Her Bithday & They Involved non only her, but Ev1 in the audience! The Magic is Excelent! I actually Liked it better than The Magic Castle! I am recommending Ev1 To Go See This Show! I know I'm Coming Back!!!!!
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Such a cute place with super friendly staff. Julian was very entertaining and it gave us a fun place to go when dodging the rain. We were supposed to go to Disneyland today, and kids were bummed. Took them here for some hot tea, snacks, and magic tricks, and they were stoked. Thanks, Kip and Julian!
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Fantastic show and great magic store!  Catching Kip here is a real treat.  He is Las Vegas quality talent at the local level.  Great fun for adults as well as kids.
  • Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    Kip Barry 's Cabaret is Magic Show, Magic Shop and Magic Cafe
    We attended the magic show last night and had a great time! We took our two boys and their friends with another family. All 4 boys had a blast. We also had great seating. Before and after the show the friendly staff showed the kids magic tricks. The boys also participated in the show! It was a great evening out! I would highly recommend! The boys also received their free gift. They also bought cool magic stuff which they played with all night!
  • Wonderful way to experience magic in a very intimate setting. Music, magic and laughing. Worth checking out. We went for our nephew's 11th birthday. They made it special and brought him on stage to participate.
  • I took my 12 year old son into look around this afternoon and ended up buying him a magic kit. Then I thought he should see the show in the evening to experience some showmanship. My expectations were exceeded by far. Mr K and his band of merry magicians had my son laughing so hard that Coke came out of his nose. I honestly believe this place is a hidden gem and the show every Friday and Saturday a must see! Its obvious that these people love what they do. If you like magic go there now. We will be back.